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Offering On-Site Door Hardware Refinishing Services in Houston, Texas!

Door Hardware Refinishing

Every brass item, from handle sets and kick plates to coach lamps to thresholds are professionally polished or restored to your desired finish.

About 99% of all hardware used on and around the front exterior doors, no matter what their current finish may be, they have a base metal consisting of solid brass. Other than superior corrosion resistance, brass is the preferred material used for today’s most popular “plated” finishes. So whether you prefer the bright brilliant shine of Brass or the rustic appearance of Oil Rubbed Bronze, Colonial Brass is ready to handle your hardware finishing project.

Convenient Onsite service is available only in Houston, Texas with our state of the art, fully contained mobile hardware finishing unit. Most jobs can be performed within just a few hours by our knowledgeable technicians.

Same day service options are also available for customer drop-off and pick-up at our Houston location.