At Colonial Brass, we offer a wide range of specialized services for brass, bronze, copper, silver, nickle, pewter, and even steel. We offer refinishing, restoration, polishing, fabrication, plating, and general metal repairs. Custom design and installation for commercial as well as residential.

Household items. Your front door hardware, beds, tables, lamps, bath fixtures, cabinet hardware, silver tea service sets, planters, candlesticks, altarware, foot railing, hand railing, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, and so much more.

“If it’s made from metal, we can help you!”

We offer a wide range of specialized services.

Same-Day Entryway Refinishing

Damage Restoration

Custom Fabrication









Silver Refinishing & Repairs

Brass Railing Systems

Installation Service

Plating Service

Church Alterware

Acquisitions Services

Design Services